The Journal of Water Resources, Engineering, Management and Policy (abbreviated as JWEMPO) has been established for the purposes of facilitating publication of articles for raising awareness and empowering water stakeholders including the general public, academicians, field practitioners, policy decision-makers and politicians, with up to date water sector related information.

The journal will serve as a platform and pathway for dissemination of innovations, technical solutions, indigenous and latest scientific knowledge and new technologies benefiting the water sector.  The journal will present the unique nexus of policy implementation, practice and academia in the water and sanitation sector.  

Call for Papers


Please Carefully Note the Following:

The Ministry of Water in collaboration with the Water Institute is happy to inform you that Journal of Water Resources, Engineering, Management and Policy (JWEMPO) print and online journal, (E-ISSN 2683 - 6556) (ISSN 2619-8916) is launching its first issue (December - 2021). The journal will provide a nexus for policy implementors, academia and researchers and those who are practicing in water supply and sanitation. It will emphasize on issues of concern in Tanzania, and the rest of the world.  Henceforth, we would like to invite you to contribute your article for publication in JWEMPO.

Water Institute & The Ministry of Water